FMDS Gala Dinner 2010 Album

thanks to all the staffs, Qubist comm members, & student volunteers
to help brought this Gala Dinner to a reality

First Media Design School



The First Media Design School Annual Gala Dinner a.k.a Graduation Night
held in Shangri-La Hotel, Orchard, Singapore 
Wednesday, 17th, 2010

Another graduation ceremony has come to an end,
more students coming in,
& there will be more students graduating,
FMDS is getting bigger & bigger,
there's no telling what future holds for the new graduates,
but I am sure,
it will be full of surprises...

preparation is the tedious part of the Gala,
the FMDS student committee members, Qubist has work hard to make all this happen,
& I salute to all my fellow comm members,
we've have helped to organized a decent Gala Dinner...

Did I told you my work was also featured during the Gala Dinner,
The school had furnished the reception with some students' works,
that includes Graphic, Multimedia & Fashions' projects from the pass,
kudos !

The foood,
it was...err...well, I didn't really have the luxury of sitting down & enjoy,
as a Qubist member,
we were to stand by to help,
& prepared for any troubles during the Gala,
for my part,
I was uber busy back stage,
for what ?
the Fashion Show of course,
& yes...there was a Freakin' Fashion Show !

the fashion designers, trend setters, fashion-nista...
whatever you call us,
we were the 1s that put the fashion show up together,
thanks to Carol, Me, Sharon, Charlotte & Sara
& of course,
without the lecturer's leadership Ali,
there won't be any show at all,

& you have my thanks too,
the models were great,
they were so much fun to work around with,

they filmed during the Gala,
all of em' ?
the entire evening ?
I know not

the dress code for the Qubist comm members during the Gala was BLACK~
& I went all out on the dressing side,
all black from top to bottom,
P.O.A. shawl collar jacket,
black waist coat, basic black shirt, black ultra skinny pants 
my favorite...
Top Man 
black leather shoe by pedro,
black tie by an unknown brand,
there's 1 thing missing around my waist,
that was the down part,
I was belt-less...
i would have caught by a fashion police,
charge for indecency for going belt-less during a formal event...

I was damn tired after the event,
I literally rushed a piece of garment just for the fashion show,
help out during the show,
& during the gala dinner too,
it was stressful & wonderful

next year will be my turn to graduate,
better stay tuned Bitches


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