29th of Jan is my fashion lecturer's last day of teaching~*Kit
Students nowadays don't see teachers as their...teachers...
we see them as a friend~
a bond~
what !!??
as if u dont take pictures in the public toilet~~??!!
Its a final project during the 2nd term(oct'09-dec'09)...
and it's Fashion Workshop, and you gotta WORK IT~
I chose to make a Navy Blue Circular Skirt~
Let's take look at my progresss~

This is what the fashion world came to call...Tagging~
its a hand-stiching line to guide you when you are using the sewing machine~

And this is how it looks like after finish Tagging~
personally...I'm not a big fan of Tagging~
It's a load of extra work unless you can sew straight with the sewing machine~
guess that a rookie always have to start somewhere~

Finishing with the waist band~

The very last bit~
check to see if there's any errors~

an actual skirt~
am proud of it~
and you know what bitches~
most of my sewing now dosen't need tagging anymore~
1st Skirt I've Ever Made...The 1st Step To A Fashion Designer~

McD~I'm Lovin'g It :)
Finally !! McD Singapore has decided to make the PIG outfit for ドラエモン(Doraemon) as part of the 12 Chinese Zodiac Draemons.

Wish List~
Me like BUTTONS !!!!!!!!!!!

bringin' cell phones and taking pics in the skool compound during highschool is forbidden,
but not anymore...
in a design college...
they give you freedom and your creativity runs free...

Nosens"ing" in Skool~
Stich !!!
Don't know bout you bitches, but i think Sticth is soooooo adorable~

Guess the term " Less Is More" apply to this ?

New Pepsi Can Design !
An Inspector Look, But loving It

Who Dosen't Lurve A Basic Leather Jacket ??

Layers Can Be Nice
Wish List~

The Humming Bird

The Swan

The Master Piece
2B Mechanical Pencil,
Colour pencils,
Drawing Pens,
Acrylic Paints,

That's me !!
From girl-like baby~
To hating DayCare center~
To clueless Kindergarten~
To naughty primary skool~
To damn bloody-Boooooooooring Highschool Life~
To fabulous 1-year Japanese life~
And now, still ppl mistake me for a girl but loving the college life in Singapore~

The Past